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Writing Fairy Stories

a second-person tiny adventure

I have been writing choose-your-own-adventure type stories on a well-known message board for longer than I’d like to admit. (Mainly because they’re still ongoing and I haven’t managed to finish one yet!) The current political climate/global pandemic has been a muse killer, and I haven’t been writing much.

Of course, I’ve edited Fae Child and done a lot of ‘marketing’ for its release. Which is to say, I’ve done a lot of staring at my laptop and pretending I know what I’m doing. And yet, regardless of all that, I wish to always be creating NEW stories. It’s the spark for creating something new out of the ether that has been hard to grasp lately, so I have been dipping my toes into the creative water, so to speak.

Writing something new, and yet familiar. Something collaborative (with the ‘players’ who read along on the message board and vote on options at different points in the story), and with an ENDPOINT so I don’t just ramble on for a year or so.

And so, Adventures in Winter was created, a story set in the Fae Child universe. And you can read the results on my Ko-Fi! I will be posting the story of Treadle, a Winter fairy/pixie who has more bravado than brains and is on an EPIC QUEST to find their kinfolk, Pan, and possibly recover a long lost magical item. Will they succeed? Will they die?! It’s up in the air at this point.

Follow along on Ko-Fi, and I hope you enjoy.

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My book baby has a due date

Pre-order at

Since starting the editorial process in June, I have been waiting for a concrete date that I could point to and say, “This is when you can hold the book in your hands.” My publisher was hoping for a Fall 2020 release, but with the global COVID-19 pandemic currently wrecking the United States (and the world, to a lesser degree), they were having to figure out their publishing process all over again.

Well! Everything is settled now, at least as far as FAE CHILD’s release date is concerned. December 15th is the big day, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I am trying to figure out all the things I need to do to make this launch as good as I can.

I have already submitted the ARC to several review sites, so hopefully it gets picked up. My launch team has their ARCs and are busily reading, and FAE CHILD has a Goodreads page! Yes, really! You can head over to your Goodreads account, if you have one, and add FAE CHILD to your “To Read” list.

In other, related, news, I am writing a short story set in the same universe as FAE CHILD that will be in a brand new anthology. PASSAGEWAYS will feature works from several up-and-coming authors, aimed at giving a glimpse at their unique literary worlds.

And by writing it, I mean I should be finishing it up right now but instead I’m updating my blog. I better go and get to work.

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DECEPTION: coming soon

img_3536I didn’t announce it on my blog (update a blog? they’re for staring at, not writing on, obvously) but I have a short story coming out in an upcoming anthology! DECEPTION: A Writing Bloc anthology is accepting preorders now. It is $2.99 for an ebook and the collection will download on Halloween.

My story is titled “The Cleansing,” and it is about a young couple in a maybe-haunted house, and the elderly medium they hire to rid them of whatever presence has lodged itself in their home.

Obviously you’ll buy it just for my contribution, but there are 23 other authors involved and all the stories are great! Paperback edition will be coming, but for now pick up the ebook! You won’t regret it.

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time to write

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month, for the uninitiated) is fast approaching! I am going to take part this year and write the sequel to Fae Child, The Furious Host. I have it all mapped out I just need to light a fire under my butt and get to work. Hopefully Nanowrimo will help! (add me as “jainhollie” to track my progress!)

DECEPTION! an anthology by Writing Bloc will be published very soon – my short story “The Cleansing” is in it and I am very proud to be included with some of my favorite up-and-coming authors. “The Cleansing,” is about a young couple with differing opinions on the paranormal, and the elderly medium they’ve hired to exorcise their home.

I will share the preorder link as soon as it’s available! There are 24 short stories in the anthology, and you’ll be able to buy it as an ebook or a paperback. And, if it needs to be said, DECEPTION! is not a children’s book.

Thanks for reading!

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A year in review

2018 is the year I didn’t write.

Or read, really.

2018 is the year I had emergency surgery to deliver my fourth child, a gorgeous son we named after a comic book character.

I guess I’m extra like that.

2018 is the year I accepted I don’t really understand the current slang “the kids” use.

I use it anyway… sparingly.

2018 is the year our new business nearly lost us our house.

It’s also the year we were able to pay for a week long trip to Hawaii for four (five, if you count the baby). I can’t wait – we leave in a few weeks. A proper vacation? I’m giddy.

2018 is the year I didn’t get my book finished. The year I didn’t update about it. The year I promised to write, read, review, beta read… and couldn’t do it.

I’m sorry.

I think it’s the hormonal birth control I’m on. Making me more anxious, more depressed, even as our financial circumstances are turning around. It’s also made me gain a ton of weight while breastfeeding which has never happened to me before. But the anxiety made me unable to call to get it removed until this week, even though I knew what the problem was.

Sorry, I know I’m oversharing.

2018 is the year my mother-in-law had another stroke, surgery, and we thought she wasn’t going to make it.

It’s also the year we helped her get a realtor (after the medical emergencies) and make offers on a few houses. No new house yet, but it’s a new year!

2018 was better than 2017.

2019 will be better than 2018.

2019 is the year I’ll finish my book and turn it in to the publisher.

2019 is the year I will read more.

2019 is the year I will find my creative spark again.

2019 is the year I turn 40.

It’s now, or never.

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Nerdist Contest Week Two


It is just past the end of the second full week of the Inkshares/Nerdist science fiction novel contest, and my entry, Mutants: Uprising, is tied for second (so technically in 2nd, alphabetically). I spent a good part of the week in third, and then yesterday was TIED FOR THIRD with two other books, but a surge of support put me up, and here we are today.

Needless to say, without continued support from YOU (and you, and you too) we won’t be able to stay in the running. Mutants: Uprising was nominated for a couple Inkshares Syndicates (like book clubs who order books to support them) this month, and I am hopeful that I might get at least one to back me. It would be an immense boost to my campaign!

Less than four weeks to go. Never give up, never surrender!

never give up


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Second Person Narrative

You won’t often find a story written in second person. I chose to write my science fiction novel “Mutants: Uprising” in second person, but usually I write in third person, or first. The author picks a point of view that best serves their story, as you can invoke different feelings and reactions from the reader with each.

First person narrative is what you use when you want your main character to be the narrator of the book. They are personally relating the story to the reader in some fashion, and the author can ONLY tell you what the main character is feeling or seeing.

Example: I ran down the street, my flip-flops slapping the pavement noisily, trying to memorize the license plate before the car drove out of sight. As it turned the corner, tires squealing, I skidded to a stop, gasping for air like a fish. Why don’t I exercise more?! “I only got the first four numbers,” I said, turning to Sarah, who somehow looked fresh as a daisy despite running after me. “Did you do any better?” She shook her head.

Third person narrative will allow you to enter the head of one or MORE characters – third person limited means you are still experiencing the story from the POV of one character, but you can also write in third person omniscient, which means you can reveal the thoughts and feelings of every character whenever you like. Many books, like George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, will use third person limited but ALSO switch characters in every chapter. So for one chapter you are experiencing Main Character 1, and the next you’re switching to Main Character 2, et cetera.

Example: She ran down the street, her flip-flops slapping the pavement noisily, trying to memorize the license plate before the car drove out of sight. As it turned the corner, tires squealing, she skidded to a stop, gasping for air like a fish and bemoaning her fitness level. “I only got the first four numbers,” she said, turning to Sarah, who somehow looked fresh as a daisy despite running after her. “Did you do any better?” Sarah shook her head.

Second person narrative puts the READER in the action. The reader becomes the main character, and the story becomes more immediate and urgent than First or Third person. You will find this POV used most often in Choose Your Own Adventure books. I wrote Mutants: Uprising in second person because I wanted to invoke that feeling of a CYOA book, and let the reader really get involved in the story.

Example: You run down the street, your flip-flops slapping the pavement noisily, trying to memorize the license plate before the car drives out of sight. As it turns the corner, tires squealing, you skid to a stop, gasping for air like a fish and cursing your fitness level. “I only got the first four numbers,” you say to Sarah, who still looks as fresh as a daisy despite running after you. “Did you do any better?” She shakes her head.

I hope this helps you understand the different point of views a little better. 🙂

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Nerdist Contest Week One

Hello all!

We are one week into the Nerdist Science Fiction contest, and Mutants: Uprising (billed as X-Men meets Call of Cthulhu) is holding steady in 2nd place. This is awesome, but other entrants are right on our heels, looking to dethrone us! Order counts are low all around right now, and YOUR preorder could make a huge difference in this contest. There are just a few more weeks in the contest.

So, what is “second person”? Usually books are written in first person (I went to the store and dropped my groceries in the parking lot) or third person (She went to the store and dropped her groceries in the parking lot). Second person puts YOU right into the action (You went to the store and dropped your groceries in the parking lot). Mutants: Uprising is written in second person present tense, immersing you in the world and giving the narrative an immediacy that you’re not going to find in another book.

I wrote up a new synopsis for the story:

Mutants: Uprising is a second person POV novel about humans with super-human abilities trying to overcome the shadowy organizations that want to control them. The story centers on Jane “Zombie” Meyers, a relatively new leader of an underground cell of the League of Mutants, a terrorist organization, who is trying to make a name for herself while rising above her enforcer roots. Along the way she uncovers a plot against the pregnant founder of a second-chance shelter for homeless mutant teens, and has to work hard to save her from harm, figure out what the ulterior motives of her enemies are, all while earning the other woman’s trust. Oh, and there are horrors from other dimensions trying to break into ours, and state governments who want to register all mutated humans “for the greater good.” All in a day’s work.

See Jane. See Jane Save the Day.

>>Preorder here!<<

Thank you for your time! Have a great day!

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What’s that? Another contest? Ok!

Inkshares has partnered with Nerdist for another sci-fi book contest. It’s a short one, just two months this time, and the top three books will get the full publishing treatment from Inkshares!

I have a science fiction story already in first draft form, so I decided to enter the contest! I have nothing to lose, and who knows, Nerdist has been known to pick their book from below the top three.

At the moment, I am in first place! Please check out


and follow it, read some, and think about preordering! As always, if the campaign is unsuccessful all preorders will be refunded. Unlike Fae Child, I won’t be lengthening the campaign to reach funding on my own after the contest. SO – this is it. Two months to get as many Readers as we can! (Proof that I’m insane, too, maybe!)