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Reading to my kids

I love reading, and as a mom it has been a lot of fun to read to my children. My father used to read to us when I was a kid and it is a treasured memory that I am happy to be able to pass down to my kids.

I might not throw the greatest birthday parties, or have the best planned activities (thanks ADHD brain), but I am able to open the world of books to them. I’ve been reading to them before bed almost every night for about three years now.

We’ve made it through the Harry Potter series (and the movies!) and the Artemis Fowl books, and are now working our way through Percy Jackson and the Olympians (we’re on book 3). I even read them the second draft of Fae Child (they approved)!

And hey, it’s also really good at getting that one kid who is SO TIRED but can’t sleep (because they keep getting out of bed to whine how not tired they are) to just LAY STILL for two minutes so their body can pass out. You know the one.

Anyway, it’s a great thing, and everyone should do it. Picture books with your babies are great, but CHAPTER BOOKS with your tweens are awesome. Drop some series suggestions in the comments, I’m always on the prowl for more to add to the pile.


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