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Tomorrow (a letter to myself)

Soon Fae Child will be in your hands. The culmination of a four year project, constrained by paper and forced into physical form. You created it, nurtured it along, babied it and disciplined it, and now it’s ready to go out into the world.

Once it is in the hands of others, you have to let it go. That piece of your soul that you put into the words? It’ll always be there, and that makes you vulnerable. You may wish to pull it back. To keep it close, rather than give it to the world.

But that is what makes it uniquely yours, and what gives the book its life. So, tomorrow, release it freely. Enjoy the moment. Ignore the haters. Try not to worry about sales, or marketing, or any of that noise.

Tomorrow it will be out of your hands, and into theirs.

And that’s how it should be.


Author of "Fae Child" - preorder today!

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