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Thirteen Days to go…

Fae Child is not a traditional YA (whatever that means), because the protagonist is very young (8). However, the dual POV style I wrote it in means that for a chunk of the narrative we are following her adult father and his trials as he tries to find his daughter.

I think I was influenced by the Louis L’amour book “Down the Long Hills” which splits the narrative between two young pioneer children who are trying to find safety and survive in the wild, and the adult Native American who is tracking them. My father read us almost all the Louis L’amour books when we were kids/teens and this was one of my favorites. Having a child be a main character in a book meant for adults has always been fascinating to me.

That being said, I’m aware Fae Child is written very tamely and I think you should be perfectly safe to read it to your kids or allow them to read it on their own. And it’s short! Still a novel, though—I checked.

I am marketing Fae Child as YA because I split the difference between the adult and child POVs. Perhaps it fits as Middle Grade, but there are adult themes in it, as well as a body-copying, possibly mom-killing entity.

I hope Fae Child finds its readers, and that they love it. Maybe that is you? Enjoy! And stay tuned for Abbie’s continuing adventure in the sequel “The Furious Host.”

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